Learning management systems Software(LMS) are content publishing platforms that allow publishers and educational institutions to create online education courses. The Best Learning Management System Software can create presentations, manage in-person courses, track subscriber progress and create custom training programs. LMS software applications allow companies and educational institutions to connect with their employees and students. software

LMS software applications are implemented as a web-based solution or as a desktop package. Web-based The Best Learning Management System Software can be quickly updated via the online control panel. Consumers using a desktop solution may have to receive system updates via download or email. The software includes a calendar module system, enrollment management system, transcription and scoring system, and student profiling system.


There are numerous Learning Management Systems Software available, which can be categorized into two types. Your selection will depend on your organization’s requirements or needs. An open source learning management system is geared towards installing and administering your own system. Open source systems include Moodle, Latitude Learning and Mind Flash. The other solution is a hosted system, meaning you can use third-party LMS software to create and publish your training course. LMS hosted applications include Silk Road Taleo Business Edition and . Applications


Software LMS are usually quite affordable for companies and educational institutions. The software serves as a template for producing and publishing training, presentations and courses. Companies can reduce travel costs. Rather than having trainers travel to various company locations, employees can quickly access company training online. Educational institutions can reach a greater number of students online versus in a classroom. LMS systems have built-in monitoring applications for performance management.


Choosing an LMS system for your institution or company depends on your budget and the resources you need. When selecting an LMS system, you need a programmer who can update, edit or add new features to customize the program. Programmers may not be necessary when using a hosted version. When choosing the best LMS system, make sure it is scalable and allows you to add your own custom web-based branding.

Want To Choose A Good LMS For Your Business But Are Confused?

 LMS is the acronym for the English expression for Learning Management System, which means learning management system. It is a complete software for the administration, documentation, monitoring, reporting and delivery of distance learning courses.

 But, Why Do I Need An LMS?

You can identify if your company is in need of an LMS, especially if there is a need for a robust tool for the management and execution of distance learning courses. The reasons and advantages are many, see some below:

 Efficiently Manage

 The system offers full capacity to manage and administer courses as well as student learning. It also makes it possible to manage actions such as enrollments, courses, in addition to instructors, etc.

 Facilitates Learning

As it is a tool completely focused on teaching, there are possibilities to manage a large amount of content and courses. The LMS has a series of resources that support the learning process, allowing its planning, implementation and evaluation.

 Can Be Used By Different Industries

The LMS can be used by any sector of the company, not having to be restricted to the Corporate University, as each user needs a login. The active features will depend on the user’s profile, there being a management system for each user.

 Accessible From Anywhere

The best LMS use Cloud Computing technology. This means that it is possible to access the tool from anywhere in the world, at any time, through any device with internet access.

 Enables Monitoring And Reporting

The LMS allows the company or organization to quickly and easily generate training reports, both global and specific. The contents (documents – text, audio, video) stored in the LMS are configured by the author and later managed by the LMS, indicating to the user its progress and performance.

cost Reduction

Fabricadecursos_bomlms05-1The implementation of an LMS generates short and long-term savings compared to traditional productions. It reduces both the financial costs and the costs in time and effort.

 The platforms allow the monitoring of students and the integration of several other tools, which allows an even higher level of course completion and increased learning. WCampus, for example, is a robust platform that can be implemented quickly and with a cost benefit that is rarely found in other solutions on the market.

 Another great advantage of Wcampus is that it is free software, offering complete transparency and independence for the client. SABA also has many extra features, such as even integration with Market Place and Gamification strategies.


What Are The Advantages Of Having An LMS In The Cloud?

Cloud LMS are applications that run on servers on the internet and do not need to be installed on the user’s local device. Just have a password and internet connection, you can access it from anywhere in the world.

 This technology will not only define cloud LMS but also all traditional applications (text editors, images, development software, Saas, CRM, etc). Check out the benefits of a cloud LMS:

 There is no need to buy entire software. Just subscribe to the services you want, which optimizes costs.

There is no need to maintain a local technical team. Maintenance is done by the staff of the company that sells the software.The user will always access the most up-to-date version, with no need to purchase new licenses.

 What Is The Best LMS In The World?

There is no 100% closed list for choosing the best LMS in the world. This will depend on the needs and features that the LMS offers. Here, at Fábrica de Cursos, we have several options, all customizable, to meet the specific needs of each organization. Check out some of our solutions:

 Wcampus: this is an ideal corporate LMS for organizations wishing to set up their Corporate University. Wcampus allows you to offer training programs effectively through individual learning plans that reflect your employees’ roles, training needs and specific goals.

 SABA: excellent tool for live training. It presents several management features and even has its features focused on live videos, which gives great quality to lectures and training that need to be distributed to various places in Brazil.

 To conclude, having an LMS is essential for anyone planning to build a Corporate University, and choosing the right LMS can even influence the success or failure of this endeavor.

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